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This is a pattern we originally produced throughout the s, '70s and '80s. A contemporary design that was retired far too early - and a pair of scissors we think more people should be able to get hold of again, and love! Maybe you have seen 'The Putter' a beautiful short by local film-maker Shaun Bloodworth on what we do and how we do it that went internet viral in It documents our Cliff in our factory, putting-together a traditional or 'Turton' pattern pair of kitchen scissors that we still make to this day. Hopefully you found it quite fascinating, or at least a little mesmerizing, to watch:.

The Putter - Shaun Bloodworth, Disappearing Art - BBC, Meanwhile we are highly noted around the world to this day for our time-honoured and occasionally colourful! Our 'Kutrite' pattern of 'flat' kitchen scissors was designed by Philip Wright in the early s, in close homage to the brilliant 'Turton' pattern that emerged from Sheffield in the s.

You can put one pair on top of the other and see that they are the same essential tool — yet both beautifully individual in aesthetic appeal. Our kitchen scissors are often kept in your kitchen drawer - hence their name.

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They will obviously again by name cut most types of food, even reasonable bones if you ask them to. They will also open some pretty tough packaging. They will trim card, cut fat, snap twigs and part pizza. They will help you with wrapping your Christmas presents. They will fly through foils and hard plastic casings. And then they will just go straight through the dishwasher, and get all cleaned up, and be ready again for you waiting for their next adventure.

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Yet still the name 'kitchen scissors' belies the multi-purpose role of these designs. They are tough all-stainless-steel scissors that can also end up being used in the workshop, garden, garage, even forest we have customers who could testify - and then back through a dishwasher or some-such and nicely into the drawer again until next time. That toothed gap between the shanks is a twist-lid bottle opener, and that hook or 'shark's fin' is a cap-opener or 'priser'. These scissors particularly feature one serrated blade to grip those more slippery items you'd ever wish to cut.

And they honestly cut very well indeed.

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With a little occasional care, you may consider these your lifetime-lasting 'household' multi-tool. We really do know that that happens with all our types of scissors by now. So I am Nick Wright, and my great-great-grandfather Walter Wright was a respected self-employed scissor-maker and ' little mester ' in Sheffield in the s. Since then successive generations of Wrights have run our business; and we have passed down our traditional scissor-making skills and knowledge from father to son and from master to apprentice for well over a century.

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Since those days we have much reduced in size and demand again, due to the globalization of manufacturing including scissor-making in general. We can fully appreciate how and why that has happened. However, we have maintained our reputation - and especially our skill - as being a world-class maker of lifetime-guarantee products. By now, we know quite a lot about how to make a really good long-lasting pair of scissors or shears. Bear in mind the last Kutrite pattern tooling lasted us through some thirty very, very busy years!

We also wish to utilise the skills of some of Sheffield's finest design graduates to 3D scan, analyse, and subtly 'micro-renew' the original design for the new tooling set and dies. You might not initially spot the difference in the finished scissors, but we will know and feel the improvement in their making for the long-run.

After that we need to obtain the minimum supplied quantity of these "blanks" from the forge: Any smaller quantity and these become significantly and prohibitively more expensive per item.

Our Project

In a sense it is old-meets-new, but we actually have done it before, and hopefully we will now do it again! Then of course we have our apprentices; Jamie, Dan and Sam. These really are super young folk and are proving themselves better and better the more they learn from our experienced masters. They are the next generation. But it is a five year apprenticeship, and we need to keep paying them reasonable wages for them to be able to learn more as they come along.

But if enough of you insightful people DO want our fantastic scissors and therefore pledge above that - we can! It really is a 'more-the-merrier' situation all around. So if you would like to see us making these superlative Kutrite Kitchen Scissors again, please pledge for a pair of kitchen scissors from Ernest Wright and Son Limited! Or even just a lovely Sheffield mug and pin-badge, t-shirt, or a thank you. It all contributes to the project. And then do us all one more favour and tell ALL of your friends about this project too!

We hope you understand this. We won't and never should compromise quality in spite of demand, so please pay attention to the worst case scenarios in the dates in our 'rewards' options! We have been through interesting times before and we have learned some lessons every time. Regardless, we've been told far, far more often than not that these scissors are genuinely wellworththewait.

If we hit target here, you will get your scissors - and we can continue to make them again, our way, for a long time to come. We may be 'old-fashioned' by trade, but we embrace the Kickstarter concept and era as well. And you will honestly love using these scissors for life. We really have been making scissors for a very long time, so we feel we know what we're doing by now. The only risk we can foresee, should this Kickstarter campaign over-subscribe, is that some of you may have to wait a little longer for your product.

However, we'll keep the project fully updated, and we certainly do promise that your life-time lasting, super sharp Hand Made in Sheffield scissors will be well worth the wait. Questions about this project?

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