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Of course, there are TONS of other hair extensions out on the market but these are what I have and what I see people use the most. I always had great luck with this. If you have any questions for me, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thanks for reading this super long post! Thank you so much for posting this!!

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I recently threw out my Luxy set of extensions because I was having the same issues. They were constantly shedding and falling apart on me, and the clips were super uncomfortable! Your post made it a lot easier to decide! Glad I can help. Luxy Hair extensions were the first extensions that I ever used.

I thought all extensions were made like theirs until I tried other companies then I realized just how bad theirs truly are atleast their classic extensions. Keep it up, I really enjoy following you on instagram and reading your blogs. I recently splurged on keratin bond more permanent hair extensions and it was great! Until it came time to have them taken out. I was left with about half the hair on my head as I had before extensions, which was not a lot to begin with. Needless to say, I was devastated and I will never do any type of bonded hair extensions again.

I think my next step will be halo hair extensions one piece, no clips, easy to install and remove. Have you heard anything about this type? If you have the opportunity to try these, I would love to see your reviews! Thanks for letting me know. Join the Beauty Club now! Offer only valid for new subscribers; please allow days for delivery to your email. Never miss a great Sally Beauty Supply coupon and get our best coupons every week!

We've cooked up a deal so jaw-dropping, so flabbergasting, so mind blowing, that Sally Beauty won't even let us tell you what it is. Sally Beauty Supply is coming in hot with savings during this buy two get one free hair care sale!

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Check out this link now for ongoing sales and promo both in-store and online at Sally Beauty! Visit the largest retailer of professional beauty supplies in the world. No promo code required. They never expire and can be used in more than 2, Sally Beauty stores in the U. I asked her to price adjust it for me since it was not my fault that they were out of stock. I asked for a supervisor. After 10 more minutes on hold she said one would call me back within 24 hours.

What poor customer service!!! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I know my billing address, but it's their system that is particular about how to enter a suite number. Apparently you have to spell out "suite" in the field even though the field is labeled "apt or suite number", so how would I know that I need to be redundant?

After challenging the customer service person she stated that they have to go through a review process to verify the information since there were so many attempts to charge my card, that will take business days. Again, it's their system that charges me even though the system is telling me my order was "unsuccessful". Not all my items can be found in their store, so that option was out. Just spare yourself the hassle of being charged multiple times, and shop somewhere else. I will, going forward.

Sally Beauty Supply's Website charged my card 7 times and they will not void the transactions. And I never even got the product shipped!!! I went to Bozeman Montana to get pictures made with my stepson so I decided to get extensions in my hair. She said they do not do exchanges or refunds even with receipts and then yesterday I went to Sally's in Minot North Dakota and the lady there told me that that was ridiculous and that I should contact corporate. I no longer have the receipt but I'm sure I could get it off my credit card.

I would be happy with in-store credit. A cave of liars, pretenders and rude customer service, they all state they are professional hairdressers which is a lie, I was advised to purchase a new hair color product plus conditioner, shampoo and a cream. The representative insisted that I must buy that product. The result will be fantastic. She assured me she was a hair color professional, she was forceful and loud.

Kind of intimidating and very tall. She tried to sell me more products, very pushy Now my hair is a disgrace. Is darker kind of red. I should know better. I give her the benefit of the doubt. Also she said, "I used this product and works so well in my hair. And the shampoo and conditioner were toners for blond hair. Now it proves me I was a fool, kindness should not be practice with sales representatives special those in Sally.

They lie, lie, lie and they are rude. I will book at a nice hairdresser rather pay than be lied by a deceiving woman who called herself a hair color specialist I went on Sally Beauty and made an online order. They told me the warehouse was having issues, so it would be late. The order had 6 items missing. I am now going to have to contact their customer service center today. I have never had problems when shopping in store.

She has absolutely no customer service skills. She had a look on her face of pure attitude. I went in to exchange some hair lightener and she made me feel like a bad little child for wanting to make an exchange even though I explained to her that I called earlier and was told that it was perfectly okay to come in and make an exchange. She is psychologically abusive and will talk down to you if you are too nice because she thinks you will not stand up for yourself and not speak up.

Patrick then started helping me, but she was talking really loud in an angry passive-aggressive tone to try to further annoy me. Patrick was great and respectfully helping me choose a different lightener. But there is no excuse for the way Bernadine behaved toward me. She does not care one bit to give good respectful customer service and she needs to be fired immediately. I happened to of left the items I was returning at the front counter and when I was checking out, I kept the same developer, but after I got home, I noticed that the developer was about a quarter empty.

I only used a teaspoon to test a strand of hair before I exchanged it. So I think while nobody was watching her, Bernadine either poured some out or replaced it with the same exact developer that was a return, but with less developer. She probably spit in it and pissed in it too for all I know. This is how evil and vindictive these angry passive-aggressive Narcissists are. I have very dark brown thick hair, almost black. Before I went in the store, I called and asked if this lightener was the right one for me, and that person on the phone said no, it is for dark blonde hair.

I then found that the Redken Flash Lift lightener is one of the best lighteners and used by licensed professionals.

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You can buy Redken products on Amazon or eBay without a license. You can even buy Redken toners there too. I read that they will be downsizing to focus on hair color and this means they will be closing some stores in the future. But probably because Ulta is putting them out of business.

What they need is to focus on high quality customer service. There is absolutely no excuse for her abusive behavior.

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  • I also, suspect that she may have a prejudice against certain races. I had visited Sally Beauty Supply online and placed order for multiple hair dyes and other hair care products. When my order finally came I was missing the Manic Panic and on paper said out of stock. Will ship when back in stock. What a bunch of bull. Needless to say I will not purchase anything from this business online or in any of their stores.

    This is just one person as in rep in Bonney Lake Washington shop. I needed help with hair color When the rep was done serving another customer she went to complain to another rep who was working at that time, "This customer had this basket FULL. I looked at her and said, "WOW. Will never go back because of her. What would she say behind my back!! And to complain she sold a basket FULL of products. Don't know her name but long bleach blonde wavy hair. I believe this is systemic with Sally. If they're having hard times, this is not the way to do business.

    I now know what counterfeit O. No more Sally for me, they cannot be trusted. Look at the picture attached, then google it, it's FAKE. There is one older lady that constantly treats people of color with disrespect. My daughter and I go to this location often and each and every time we are watched by the same lady.

    She always acts as if she's organizing items on the shelves on the same aisle that we're shopping on.

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    If there are other customers shopping that aren't people of color she doesn't treat them with such disrespect. I like shopping at Sally's for the items that I need.

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    • But I'm extremely tired of being treated differently from other customer's that shop there. This is embarrassing and needs to stop immediately. I would give the star rating a zero if I could. One of the polishes fell, got broken and it was a mess. I said I was very sorry and paid for some items and left. Later when I reach into the store bag to take out my things I grab a small little bag that is very sharp and I get some puncture and cuts on my fingers.

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      I take out a small bag that has the broken bottle of nail polish in it. All the broken pieces. I am so upset off that such an idiot dimwit would do something so rude and disrespectful. I called back to ask her why she did it and she said she doesn't remember putting it in my bag which is B.