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Yes you'll get your Kraftwerk articles, but its way more than that as Electronic Sound magazine immerses you in the history and future of the bleeping, metronomic heroes of the genre. An excellent niche publication. Purchasing issues An issue is a single edition of a magazine.

Start with Coming soon to Newsstand Due 14 Mar FEB 19 Onsale: MAR 19 Onsale: Issue 5 Onsale: NO 7 Onsale: My newsstand Sign out. Cocos Keeling Is. Spain Spanish North African Terr. How do you store them?

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Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. I feel like I am drowning in coupons. Thank you! There is no simple answer.

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Is it easy to choose a coupon organization method? Not really. Many coupon-users work their way through a number of methods as they go. Here are some of the basic methods many smart shoppers use:. Begin with a box of some sort an index card box, photo box, plastic shoe box, an empty baby wipes tub, etc.

Label them with categories, then clip and sort your coupons. All of your coupons are clipped and organized, ready for a trip to the store. Good for beginners, you can start small as your coupon stash grows. If you have a large number of coupons, this method can require a lot of shuffling through coupons to find exactly the one you want. Time is required to keep up with clipping, sorting and later removing expired coupons.

If your coupon box tips over, your coupons could easily scatter. The coupon binder idea takes coupon organization to another level — one of organizational commitment.


Page tabs can divide your pages into categories many binder-users like to organize their categories according to the aisles of their favorite store. Coupons are cut, folded and sorted into the corresponding plastic pockets so that you can flip through your entire coupon collection at a glance. Page protectors can hold printed store policies for reference.

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You will know which coupons you have at a quick glance. Many people who prefer structure enjoy this form of organization.

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Clipping, folding, sorting on a regular basis requires a routine. The idea of NOT clipping coupons until you need them became far more possible with the help of technology and especially searchable online coupon databases. Each week, as you receive your new coupon inserts, they are grouped together in an organized fashion and labeled with the date in a filing box or cabinet, bankers box or bin, accordion file, binder clips, page protectors, etc then stored until they are needed.

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Some shoppers like to collate their inserts for ease in clipping for example, stack all covers together, all page 3s, etc. Helpful hint: A no frills time-saver for busy couponers.

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Clip only what you need when you need it. No clipping and sorting coupons into categories each week, then removing expired coupons regularly. When coupon inserts become expired, remove any remaining valid coupons, then recycle. Your shopping list and coupons will need to be prepared before you leave for the store. Keeping the remainder of your inserts intact guarantees that you still have coupons for unpredicted purchases while keeping your coupon workload smaller.

You get the best of both organization worlds — coupons conveniently with you while shopping and the rest of your stash organized and uncut at home at the waiting should a deal occur. While not nearly as much work as a coupon filing system or binder on its own, the combination method still requires a moderate amount of time.