I am not very aggressive so I finally just caved in so we could get out of there. In retrospect I should have been more assertive, but Chip should have never put me in that position.

Richfield Bloomington Honda

We have been telling everyone we know that's in the market for a vehicle that they should NOT go to this dealer. There are lots of good places out there and they all have the same deals. I had my Honda towed there after it broke down a couple blocks away.

501 W 77th St, Minneapolis, MN 55423

I showed them the inspection report I had for the car when I was at a different dealer for an oil change the week before. They even used it to type my information in the computer. Long story short, they called after 20 minutes with an astronomically high repair quote, so I called my regular dealer and two local non-dealer shops for quotes. I told him if that was the case I would take my car elsewhere than pay for a diagnostic fee. Then they tell me I already owe them that.

Richfield Bloomington Honda W 77th St, Minneapolis, MN - schwimmteam-woerth.de

I brought up the earlier ""two hours of work"" comment and was told that price was for 1 hour. Then I said you called me after 20 minutes - it didn't take an hour. Needless to say, I was being fed a bunch of BS. I told him not to touch my car, that I'd have another company come get it. At this point, it made financial sense to stay there, even with the ridiculous initial quote. At the checkout, I was given a NEW inspection report along with quotes to fix everything. They're crooks in my opinion and I will never be going back there. After having two car buying experiences and using their service department I highly recommend Richfield Bloomington Honda.

My husband and I went in a few months ago to look for a used car for our son. The salesperson who greeted us was very nice and not at all pushy. We explained what we were looking for and he seemed to genuinely care to help us find the right car. Once we did decide on a car the signing out process which I've had bad experiences with in the past was quick, relaxed and professional. What really surprised us was when we came back in to their Service department to have some things done to the car which was part of our deal. When we drove in to the garage we were immediately greeted and they had all the information of what was promised.

I was happily surprised at the treatment we received, it was as if we had been long time customers and friends.

We were so impressed with our experience that we went back last week for my husband to get a new car. We enjoyed the same great treatment and we now have a dealership for life! I've never written one of these reviews before but I wanted to pass on our feelings about this gem of a dealership. This was my first time to there service department I had gone to some of the other Honda stores in my area and everyone treated me like a number. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by a couple of people. One greeted me with his computer in his hand and we took care of everything right there by my car.

While he was helping me the other person opened the hood and topped of my windshield wiper fluid and tested my battery. He gave me the slip from the battery test and said it was good. I had brought my car in for a maintnenace light on B1, they had everything in the computer from my online appointment he showed me around the dealership and showed me the computer and wifi area and I checked my emails while they serviced my car while I was in the lounge the general Manager Tim came by asked everyone if they are being taken care of and even got me some coffee.

Richfield Bloomington Honda

I have no complaints! I'm looking forward to their newly remodeled site. My experience was great! Probably the best vehicle buying experience I have ever had as a single female. Brian Kelly was kind, respectful, honest and fair with no pressure. I came in at the end of the day, on a very cold night and the staff stayed late to get everything done.

I love my new vehicle.

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Service staff were great in getting my oil changed. Top notch experience all the way around. Randy Doncaster coordinated the work done on my car. No more need be expressed. We purchased a Accord. After purchasing the car knowing that we needed to purchase new tires, Ray told us that they didn't have floor mats, and gave us paper mats. I called ray and he basically told me there was nothing he could do because we didn't bring it up to him right away. I then talked to the manager who told me he would charge the battery. My husband talked to him and the manager, Brian hung up on my husband.

I would not recommend buying a vehicle from this dealership nor would I recommend having my vehicle serviced here. They do not stand behind their vehicle and have horrible customer service.

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I will never step food in this dealership again. I can come in anytime and get the best and quickest service! Always pleasant and fun! Been dealing with this group for many years. My 1 bad exp. I'm an older female - what do I know? The next week I was back. My salesman Nicholas Olson was absolutely fantastic!

Every step was explained and he answered my questions knowledgeably. I would recommend Richfield -Bloomington to anyone looking for a vehicle. The service was fast and Robert was very helpful and very understanding! He worked with me to have my car ready on time as I was on a time schedule. Caleb was so helpful and knowledgeable when it came to leasing my new CRV.