What’s the difference between discount coupons and promotional codes?

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Enter the offer code, and select the amount or percentage off your total price it will be. As you can see in the photo below, both options can be used. A percentage discount must be an integer only, a whole number.

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As they say, there may be free lunch, but there's no " If you don't enter a limit, the code can be used an unlimited amount of times. If you want all products to have an offer code field at checkout, select "Add field to all of your products".

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  • Click the box Add offer field to purchase form to include an Offer Code box on your purchase form for customers to enter their offer codes, as seen below. If you don't click this, your purchase forms will only feature boxes for necessary purchase information such as name, email, and credit card info. This makes your offer code go "live" and will create a share link. Want to create an offer code that applies to all your products?

    Click Save changes and your global offer code will be designated with the compass icon, as seen below:. Learn how to create a free product here. Can I use offer codes to apply a temporary discount to a subscription?

    What are promotional codes?

    A discount is a price reduction that applies automatically based on shopping cart conditions you've defined in your Admin Area. A coupon is a discount that requires an extra step — the shopper must manually enter a coupon code on the shopping cart page before the price reduction applies. You can provide the code to your customers through your marketing communications, such as a blog post, a social media post, an email, a direct mailer, or in a web or print ad.

    For more on how discounts and coupons and combinations of both apply, go to the " Tips and Special Settings " section below and locate the "How Coupons and Discounts Combine" subsection. There are lots of options for how you configure your discounts and coupons. Name your discount or coupon in this required filed, and it will appear as a line item on the shopping cart page. There are a few types of discounts that you can choose from the menu for this required field:.

    Enabling this option will require shoppers to enter a coupon code at checkout to receive a discount.

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    In this field, enter the text you'd like shoppers to use on the checkout page to redeem their coupon and receive the discount. Here, you can limit the number of times a coupon can be redeemed, i. In the Categories field, use the Select Categories or Update Categories link to search for and select categories for the coupon or discount. OR, select Advanced if you'd prefer to manually enter the ID numbers of categories, making sure to separate them with commas.

    To remove all categories assigned to the discount, select Clear Categories. You can apply discounts or coupons to one or more specific products. In the Products field, use the Select Products or Update Products link to search for and select products for the coupon or discount. OR, select Advanced if you'd prefer to manually enter the ID numbers of products, making sure to separate them with commas. To remove all products assigned to a discount, select Clear Products.

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    Select this checkbox to limit how long a discount or coupon is usable. Choose this check box to require shoppers to buy a minimum number of product units before the discount or coupon applies, or to limit it to a maximum number of product units. Define Order Price Requirements: Select this checkbox to set a minimum price the shopper must meet for the order before the coupon or discount applies, or a maximum price to which the coupon or discount can apply.

    Use this text box to add internal details about your coupon or discount. Customers won't see this information, so you can use the area to communicate with other admins about the intended usage. When viewing an individual coupon or discount record, you'll see a usage counter next to the discount name:.

    This number updates each time the coupon or discount is applied to an order.

    Coupons / Discounts

    By clicking on the usage number, you can view a list of all the orders it was applied to. Once you've configured these settings and distributed the coupon code to your shoppers, they can enter the coupon code in the Coupon Code field of your shopping cart page. Each customer can only redeem this coupon once, and it can't be used with any other coupons.

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    Any applicable automatic discounts you've configured will still apply. Offering a quantity discount is a great way to incentivize customer to add more items to their cart. The more they buy, the more they save. The discount applies automatically, any time. To ensure all products within an order ship for free regardless of whether they qualify for free shipping individually , just one of the products must apply for a discount configured for free shipping on an entire order.

    You can also set up a free shipping coupon — requiring a coupon code — that will apply to the entire order.