Say something! Originally Posted by Jacksonsmommy. This is what I'm going to try. I have had wedding and baby registrys and I used to get coupons. I have a red card and it seems like ever since, they stopped. I called corporate and they referred me to the online coupons which I explained are much different. Basically, the lady had no clue. Well I remembered a long time ago I ordered from target. Com and that's when I seemed to get them. Well target has changed their site and they they didn't have any of my info in my accept info.

I'm going to order something cheap online and see if I start to get them again.

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If anyone does figure this out, please share. I never get coupons either. I have always thought it was because I live in the Twin Cities land of Targets. LOL he is on the registry too but I just think its funny. I just started getting some I'm wondering if it's because I made a complaint online?!?!?!

That's the only connection I can see since I started getting them a couple of months after complaint? I have never done any of the above.. I get them and have done registeries. No card. No complaints. I did both a wedding and baby registry and we have a red card. I used to get them, then just stopped at the beginning of this year. I always used them too. Patalliro's Wishlist. I never really shop at Target unless there's a really good sale, never buy anything from them online, and haven't registered with them.

BUT, they won't stop sending me coupons and coupon booklets. I don't know how they got my name but it seems they just can't help themselves. They send me back to school type mailers, wedding mailers, baby mailers, beauty mailers, and so on. How can I turn that down? Maybe, the less you want them the more they show up. It is Target after all CarrieM's Wishlist.

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I have never had a red card, never ordered from them online, never even had a registry there, yet I got a coupon booklet in the mail today! It was a very nice surprise! I don't know how they got my name and address, but I hope they continue to send me more in the future! Blog Entries: I have a target debit card and at the beginning I used to get the booklets of q's now it's hit or miss if I get them.

Last one I got was the back to school home mailer a few months back. You currently have 0 posts.

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Well i didnt get any of the back to school mailers but got a mailer full of Q's in the mail today, but most of them i wont even use, lol. I have received the coupon books for quite some time. I have never had a Target card or gift registry.

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I don't know why I receive them. Just glad I do: We have the card too, no coupons. Have signed up for a registry, no coupons.

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Maybe it's a secret club! I have only recently have gotten Q's in my PO.

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Box and house addressed to resident. But not a Super Target just remodeled and added some food. The Q's were for food items. Head over to the website and find the page where you can contact them. Once on the contact page, write a brief complimentary letter and ask if they ever give out coupons for their products. They will typically send you a nice response and that response will include coupons. Now once you sign up for a list you can expect them to cross promote to you from other brands by the same company. So if you sign up for Pampers, a Proctor and Gamble product, expect them to also cross promote with Mr.

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I am a huge fan of free samples. There was a time where I was really pushing to get free samples and would get two to three a week. What comes with every free sample?

There are tons of ways to get free samples online, the best site right now is FreeFlys. They keep a running list of free samples that you can login and sign up for. FreeFlys is free but you will have to sign up to see all the free samples. I LOVE to get free stuff for my birthday. Now I have a great list and strategy for getting birthday freebies all year long. It is so bad that my family and coworkers make fun of me for frequently announcing it is my birthday.

What you also sign up for when you sign up to receive free stuff on your birthday is to get notices of when special events are going on with that company.

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This include promotions and, of course, coupons. Many of these will now send you printable coupons to your e-mail, but a lot will still do the coupons by mail. When you view the ad online, you can: Desktop Browser: From the Target. Select the Weekly Ad drop down. After selecting the current store location, enter a new ZIP code or city and state. Target App: You can also find weekly advertised items on Target.