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If your battery is losing charge, and at increased risk for failure, we can replace it in about 15 minutes. Help stay cool in warmer weather. Get your AC checked and recharged in about 30 minutes — often at a cost below your dealership. Help prevent the uneven tread wear that can lead to poor handling and traction. Get your tires rotated in about 15 minutes. Help protect your gears. Get your differential fluid replaced in about 10 minutes per differential— often at a cost below your dealership.

Help improve road visibility. Get your worn windshield wiper blades replaced in the same amount of time it takes to get an oil change. Here are three good reasons to choose Valvoline for your car maintenance needs:. Our skilled technicians are rigorously trained in an ASE-certified training program. Routine maintenance can help keep you safely on the road and improve the fuel efficiency and performance of your vehicle.

Stop in today for a free, maintenance check of fluids, air filter, bulbs, tires and wipers when you purchase an oil change. Department of Energy, fueleconomy. The manager Chris and his team are fantastic. The service and attention to detail are great. The team is very knowledgeable abou The team is very knowledgeable about the car that I drive. All of this is done with a smile and professional, courteous demeanor! Clean well maintained workplace. Honest and very friendly. I like the service and being able to wait in my car. When I went in they were very knowledgeable techs.

They took the time to explain what was going on and work with me. The service representative was courteous and professional. I came in for the radiator service, and he did a signal and light saf I came in for the radiator service, and he did a signal and light safety check first which was nice. In addition, he topped and checked fluids and tire pressure for no additional cost - also a bonus. Very satisfied with this location's work and friendly service.

The staff was great. Especially when you consider three of the employees called out. Brought my own oil filter because this place never has one for my car. Felt like I should have been discounted from my bill or a Long wait but once inside things moved pretty good. Service technician was like a robot; he had no personality. Didn't see services available and their cost posted. This was my first time to Valvoline in Maryland, I use to go in CA and I love the service and the style of the service, and look This was my first time to Valvoline in Maryland, I use to go in CA and I love the service and the style of the service, and looks like it is the same in Maryland too love the fast service.

I have never experienced a drive thru oil change. I think this is awesome for us ladies. I will definitely be back! Nothing bad happened, but it's an oil change. I don't get excited over paying my electric bill either, just somethi I don't get excited over paying my electric bill either, just something we must do. Great, quick, service with a smile. Not sure how you got that from my responses. I had an overall pleasant experience and everyone was super nice.

Mike came to chec Mike came to check on me while I was waiting and within min I was in the garage. The staff greeted me warmly and heard my concerns and addressed them. Customer service was super friendly and knowledgeable. Wait was a little long but was greeted and told expected wait time so no surprises. All bays were full too. I always trust this shop and drive from carney to middle river for the service.

The employees were really kind, knowledgeable about what needed to be done,and quick. The Mechanics were very informative and made my first oil change experience stress free. Employees were friendly, apologized for our wait, and communicated about the wait before hand. That the other employees came over to help finish the work being done on my truc That the other employees came over to help finish the work being done on my truck when they were free was fabulous. It was a good experience.

I am glad to have used your services and will be returning. The technician was very friendly and knowledgeable. The person who provided my service. James was highly professional, and very friendly. Very attentive to any questions or conce Very attentive to any questions or concerns. I like that I do not feel pressured to buy additional services or items. The service was quick once inside. Staff was helpful and friendly. I like how fast the service was and the person who helped me was very polite and nice.

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Impeccable customer service, prompt service and highly knowledgeable staff. I love coming here for my oil changes. I requested tires rotation service and the staff adviced that I do not need to do that at this time based on the tires tread. They explained that in Wintertime, the better tires should be at the back for braking purpose. This staff was very honest and professional. I received an honest and fair oil change service and am very pleased with this location. Thank you for not pressuring me to buy additional unnecessary services.

Because of this and the safety recommendation, I will use this location for my next oil change. I was pleased with the expertise and information I was given. I went in for an oil change and also had my radiato I went in for an oil change and also had my radiator and transmission taken care of. I am confident my car is ready for winter. My son recommended I go to Valvoline and I'm so glad that I did. I'm a customer from now on. The great customer service and them explaining everything they was doing while they were doing it. They know what, they are doing. This place is great, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

In and out in a few minutes. Staff and service were good. Everybody was courteous and very nice. Friendly people and nice to talk to. Location close to my office and I do not have to get out of my car. I was greeted on the outside and was told that there would be a 5 - 10 minute wait, which was accurate. The service technicians were very courteous and explained everything that they were going to do. My Kia has a skip plate with 20 bolts attaching it to the under side of my vehicle.

The technician explained what the skip plate was and that it might take a little longer than expected because of the 20 bolts in it. I was fine with that and the technician kept me informed about the progress. I was very satisfied with the all over service that I received. They were v busy when it was my turn I felt they did not rush me thru n answered most of my questions.

The staff is friendly and always professional. They show you the old oil filter and a new oil filter, they try to make you feel They show you the old oil filter and a new oil filter, they try to make you feel comfortable that they're doing a good job. Some throw a little humor in it to make it fun and it's much appreciated, gives you something to look forward to.

I was satisfied by how fast they tried to get me in and out even though they were busy. I thought it was over priced. I never went to this place because everyone said there prices were high. I needed a oil change and decided to try it. I was very pleased and the price was comparable to what I usually pay. Fast , good service, nice employee. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The service was very fast efficient and not too high of a price.

It's nothing wrong, but the service technician helping me seemed inexperienced, which slowed things down. He asked for help when He asked for help when he needed to and a more experienced technician quickly came to assist him. I'm sure by my next visit everything will go much faster. Staff was knowledgeable of my car and the requirements. I was happy with my visit. I never give highly satisfied.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Middle River, MD, Martin Blvd.

Friendliness of the entire staff. The technicians were thorough and explained each step of the process. Sediment customer service from all the employees. Everyone was very knowledgeable. They were very friendly, it was close to my house and the facility was clean. Quick and great service with friendly staff. Absolutely a great experience! The staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and straightforward! The team at the Martin Blvd. No pressure they work as a team I felt I could trust them. Service is completed quickly. Don't have to let someone else get in my car. I really have never had an issue with the service.

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Great service as usual. I had a problem with the wiper blades I purchased on my last visit. They never worked properly. I already had them replaced 2 ti I already had them replaced 2 times. The tech I had this time seamed much more knowledgeable and took care of the problem. They are working as they should now. Prompt, courteous, and efficient service. I waited about an hour before I was able to pull into the bay. But there were about vehicles in front of me in line.

Also, I had just had my car washed. Other than the wait and the grease smudge, I was satisfied. I'm not certain what the person in the grease pit is doing other than removing a drain plug, the oil filter and then replacing t I'm not certain what the person in the grease pit is doing other than removing a drain plug, the oil filter and then replacing the drain plug and installing the new filter; but, this person is shaking the bejesus out of the car. Plug and filter are not to be over tightened, this doesn't require much force. The plug with a torque wrench and the filter 1.

The service rep mumbled, a lot, couldn't hear him clearly at all, didn't speak directly to me just spoke while looking in whatever direction he desired. He also didn't fill the washer fluid. Staff and words we're very courteous. My truck uses 7. Always great service, reguardless of the longer than normal wait time. The service was very professional. And the people were very organized and friendly.

Have been a customer to all our vehicals and will continue to use them. Fast service and great customer service. Leah and her team members were very knowledgeable and friendly. They recommended services my car needed but They recommended services my car needed but I never felt pressured to buy anything that I didn't need. Highly professional and courteos personnel. I usually don't give a Highly Satisfied on reviews, Satisfied to me is good enough. I pull up to the that did not have a vehicle waiting. When the truck in front of me was don When the truck in front of me was done, I was told to back out and let the car in the 3rd bay come over in my place because they were here first.

Now, I had already waited 45 minutes at this point. I was very dissatisfied with this. Then, I'm sent to the 3rd bay and I waited another 15 minutes to be see, but the 2nd bay, that person was behind me, to start, went before me. If I had not already wasted my lunch time, I would have left.

I have never had to pull our of any line before because someone was ahead of me. I will not return unless you give me a good reason too. Employees showed me how dirty my transmission fluid was. The Person was confident and knowledgeable, Made recommendations with out me feeling pressured. The two gentlemen that worked on my car were so polite, knowledgeable and just amazing! I have had the one fella work on my car I have had the one fella work on my car before and I'm thrilled when he is my technician.

Please acknowledge their amazing work. Thank you and my husband and I will keep coming back! I've been there before. I knew what to expect. So it wasstatus quo. The only thing that would make it high The only thing that would make it high satisfied is if the pricing wasmore within reason with Syn.

I didn't get the winning Powerball ticket. Staff members did not stay at one particular customer. The staff was worried more about their inspection then the customers. It was obvious the staff was not used to doing things correctly and there were acting like they were feeling pressured by the inspection. I had three different sales staff come to my vehicle and asked me about The same services and no one could remember what I said about how many psi I want it in my tires. They always try to add something to the bill before checkout. Before asking if I wanted the Air Filter it was already taken out Before asking if I wanted the Air Filter it was already taken out the box as if they knew I was going to say Yes!

The guy was nice though. Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable staff. Kept me informed with updates and progress. Given detail of ever Given detail of everything performed. It is fast once you get in. Technician was friendly and thoroughly explained everything including recommendations. I am enjoying the customer service experience among the employees. The wait time, but realizing it was Friday. The gentlemen that helped me were very nice and helpful, they were also quick but attentive at the same time. Will definitely be going back instead of Judy lube!

The team at the location in Middle River, Md, led by Chris and his team are awesome! Can't say enough good things. Service is quick, professional, and served with a smile. Very friendly, quick and easy. I prefer to stay with my vehicle. And I hate Jiffy Lube. I've been here a few times now and I am always treated in a very respectful and courteous manner.

To me customer service is very important to me and the way the staff performed there customer is like i forgot i was even gettin To me customer service is very important to me and the way the staff performed there customer is like i forgot i was even getting a oil change i appreciate the crew in a big way. They were just really good and very friendly. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, quick, and fun! They truly did a great job. Mike always keeps me informed on what needs servicing but never pressure me to get the other services. He lets me know what is d He lets me know what is due.

Everything was done in a timely fashion. Explained everything thing they did. The customer service was very good. I also, did not have to wait or get out of the car. Everything went quickly and smoothly. Incredible customer service and very knowledgeable staff, excellent work on my vehicle in a short amount of time. The staff was very professional and friendly. They showed me new parts against old parts and explain the importance of replacing They showed me new parts against old parts and explain the importance of replacing.

I was in and out the door in little time and felt a big difference in the performance of my vehicle. I believe they were training a new employee but he could not get the air filter screw to come loose I think someone should have I believe they were training a new employee but he could not get the air filter screw to come loose I think someone should have stepped in 10 minutes before they actually did.

I understand that those things happen but the other workers were talking as he was struggling since I was the only one in there I think they should have recognized that it was taking him way too long. Guys really put in more efforts. Demetrius always takes good care of me nMy car. Greeted and very friendly crew! Quick and very knowledgeable! Like that you never need an appointment and don't have to wait lon Like that you never need an appointment and don't have to wait long!

The team that worked on my car was outstanding. They were polite friendly and knowledgeable. Wait time before entering was terrible. The gentleman who assisted me was very kind and took the time to explain the recommended services and why they should be done. James greeted me and was super nice friendly and helpful throughout. The rest of the team worked quickly and they clearly enjoy working together. I love this location and come back here for every oil change. Very grateful for the no pressure atmosphere and quick service.

I love the staff at this location. Mike and Dana are fantastic and entertaining. They keep conversation flowing and service mo They keep conversation flowing and service moving so that the time passes even quicker. If anything, this local valvoline is smaller and in a highly crowded area.

There was someone who cut in line causing a delay in There was someone who cut in line causing a delay in the service supplied. Everyone was very professional and friendly. I didn't feel pressure to purchase additional services. However, since it was a h However, since it was a hot day it would have been nice to have the option to sit in the waiting area.

Everyone was poliet and service was quick. First I went to Walmart and it was a 3 hours wait, and you guy was less then 5 minute First I went to Walmart and it was a 3 hours wait, and you guy was less then 5 minute. Very friendly and professional. Every staff person was great and responsive.

Asst Manager Mike was doing a great job. The attendant was extremely courteous and friendly, did not try to sell me anything I didn't need. He explained everything th He explained everything that they were doing and what the found. Offered me a discount coupon better than the one I brought in with me.

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Dana the mechanic was helpful and knowledgeable. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Couldn't ask for a better experience. Everyone was very nice and courteous. Staff was very friendly. Everything was done quickly and i trust they got everything done professionally.

The service that I had made a warning light go out. I was informed that if it reactivates, what it could be and where to have it I was informed that if it reactivates, what it could be and where to have it serviced. I was given full service. The Asst Manager was there overseeing all three bays. The technician serving my car seemed inexperienc The technician serving my car seemed inexperienced, but not unqualified. The assistant manager was right there guiding him through the process.

Everyone was friendly, polite, and professional.

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A little bit of a wait but they told you about how long it was going to be. Only one car in front me, so about 15mins or so. The service was excellent and I had Leah from the Middle River Location and she was very polite and very informative. Great customer service from her. I waited for about 50 minutes prior to the service, I was the vehicle directly behind an auto in the service bay. It appeared one of the representatives breezed through a series of questions I had been asked during previous visits. From the looks of things the facility is understaffed since there was only one tech in the grease pit.

Maybe it was a bad day there. I like coming here. It's convenient and the people are nice everytime I go. So even though I waited I could have left but I know So even though I waited I could have left but I know the job will be done right and plus I had time to spare that day.

I really needed my oil change. I think the staff was under staff that day Normally I do not have to wait. We have two cars we bring here. I never had a problem. So I'll wait to be next if I have to because I know my cars will be treated like it's the only car in the bay each time. The man who took care of me was very descriptive of what was going on throughout the entire process.

The female attendant asked if I would like to have my wipers replaced while entering the order. I had to remind them I had to remind them to replace the wipers and it turned out, the woman that was taking the service order had forgotten to add it to the service instructions. When I asked her about it, she said she confused me with the other customer. She was standing at the terminal when she asked me, so how could she forget to add it onto the order? Also, I told her twice that I wanted the standard oil and she kept saying, so you want the conventional?

They forgot to turnoff the maintenance light, so now i have to make another trip to have them turn it off. Also, it was about half an hour before closing and there was an older man who kept asking the other attendant if it was time to go yet. He was clearly in a hurry to close up as he actually asked five minutes later what time is it now! I had received the AC service which required me to pull out side of the bay area in order to have the technician to Recharge th I had received the AC service which required me to pull out side of the bay area in order to have the technician to Recharge the refrigerant in my vehicle.

This is the second time they didn't stop off fluids. Last time my brake fluid was low and never filled it. I will never go back to Jiffy Lube and you are lucky my car never had a problem due to your inept service. You are overpriced and do not provide a good service. I am dumbfounded by how awful your service is and I will never be back. I went to Jiffy Lube recently and asked for an oil change only. I was charged dollars which is outrageously exorbitant. All kinds of unnecessary services were added, possibly to pad bill.

Some of these added services included "checking windshield washer fluid level, checking light bulbs" just to name a few. My daughter brought my car here the begin of Nov. Store Manager would not even phone me and let me know where I stand. Thank you to Heartland Automotive, They Jumped in and got my engine replace and sadly that engine was knocking after just a few days. They sent my car back to the same shop. They use a individual shop for their engine replacement and then second engine blew, that is what the Mechanic told me. Jiffy Lube is standing by their claim it was my starter.

They had given me a rental, but later retro canceled it without notice. VERY disappointed with my entire experience. I'm serious when it comes to reviews. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Here is my review of the Jiffy Lube.

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I went in for an oil change and afterwards I was harassed about fixing everything else that was wrong with my car. I told him to give me my car keys or I would call the police. There I said it. I felt awful and I felt taken advantage of. Go to Midas instead. I told the Midas guy what happened and he said; "Oh no. We don't do that, we give you a list of what's wrong with your vehicle and it's up to you if you wanna fix it or not. Last year my husband took our Ford pickup to Jiffy Lube before he stored it for the winter.

In April of this year he went to get it out of storage and all the oil was on the floor so we took it to our regular mechanic. He found that they had cross threaded the oil pan plug and it could not be repaired. Jiffy Lube mgmt sent the request for reimbursement into corporate in May They do NOT stand behind their work.

My wife took her car to Jiffy Lube after I warned her it wasn't a good idea. I had a previous bad experience there. A week after her oil change she noticed her oil light come on so she put more oil in. A week later the same thing. The following week she put in more oil twice in one week before saying something to me. I told her that doesn't sound right so went out and checked.

As soon as I looked under the car I could see the oil dripping off of the oil filter. I reached under and was able to tighten it at least a full turn. No more oil leak. I can't believe a professional business would make such a simple mistake. You are better off taking it to a place that employs mechanics. I went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. The technician told me they had a special. For a few more dollars I could get a free oil change and three car wash tickets.

When I checked out I asked them where was my free oil change. I questioned them why I was still being charged for the oil change if it was free. I called the corporate office. A store manager called me and told me that there was no free oil change but two free car washes. He also told me if I brought the car wash tickets back to the store he would adjust my bill.

I wonder how many people they scammed with this deal. There was a mistake in the emission paperwork given to me. Can you please make sure the new one is correct? I spent gas and the emission fees. Should be covered by Jiffy Lube. I stopped in to have a couple exterior lights replaced, a tire rotation, windshield wipers replaced, and of course an oil change.

After having four people doing what they do, oil changes. I watched them try different screwdrivers Before the man came to talk with me. The hood is down there cleaning and taking off their mats from my vehicle, so the oil change's done. One starts to change the windshield wipers.

The light is still on, Another says oops I have to put this back on. Good, good job for taking the initiative and reinstalling the part that was removed from my vehicle, thank you. The young man cannot get it Reinstalled. He asks his boss for help and tells him that he can not get it screwed back on. His boss says OK, and never comes to help him or addressed the situation with him.

His boss is billing somebody out. So I waited patiently for the customer to leave the building and I spoke up and asked the boss what was going on with my vehicle. There have been for guys trying to get on a part, what part was it that he is having trouble with? He said he was just about to go find out. I said thank you as he is going to walk out the door. I was just about to go see what the problem is! What, me asking a question about my vehicle while there are four young men trying to get something back on to my vehicle.

Then walks away quickly. Angie the cashier, she was pleasant with me. So an oil change, windshield wiper blade and a Manager having horrible customer service. The manager spoke to me and repeated the same thing without checking or anything. I went in to have an oil change. Two months later my car loses power on the highway at 55 mph. After having the car towed to the dealership and a costly diagnostic, I was informed that one quart of oil too much was put into the car. I filed a complaint with corporate, who contacted their franchisee to resolve the issue.

The owner, Mark phones and says that he wants to speak with the dealership before he makes a decision. Three days later I phone him for him to explain that they are denying the claim. Go to Jiffy Lube Kensington, MD at your own risk and know that they will not be responsible for any damage they cause to your vehicle and you will get to pay for both the oil change and the damage they cause.

I decided to take my vehicle to Jiffy Lube and has always gone to them and have never had an issue. I am not here to bash them or make them look bad, but to inform the public of my experience. I noticed that my passenger side front wheel was making a weird noise and stopped in to Jiffy Lube to have it looked at, I was informed that my wheel bearing and hub needed replacing. I was a lost for words and highly upset. I was told that they will fix my car free of charge.

I was without my car the entire weekend. I missed work and had to cancel all scheduled appointments that I had. One of the mechanics had to drive me home, take me to work and pick me up. They are very careless and incompetent, now my front lights are extremely dim and only one of the two come on.

I am very upset and will NEVER go back to Jiffy Lube, then the boss of the shop had the audacity to tell me to take my vehicle to a Nissan dealership and have them look at it I do not recommend anyone to go to Jiffy Lube!! Shortly after leaving the service center I began to hear a grinding sound coming from my left tire no sound before rotation service. Auto specialists perform a synthetic blend oil change to keep vehicles running smoothly.

Auto professionals perform oil changes to help keep vehicles running smoothly and wheel alignment for accurate and safe steering. Preferred oil change include a fluid top off and a point inspection; synthetic change includes tire rotation and wheel balance. Professional auto technicians replace old oil , ensuring that your car runs smoothly and efficiently. Professional, trained mechanics perform a four-wheel alignment along and install front wiper blades with each service.

ASE Certified Techs maintain engines with routine oil changes and keep cars running safely with inspections and computerized wheel alignment. Specializing in All things Auto. The Baltimore oil-change scene offers plenty of options for drivers in need of some quality conventional or synthetic motor oil, as well as the professional help to make sure the old oil is swapped out smoothly.

Perhaps the most routine of all routine maintenance procedures , the oil change is a must for drivers who want their cars to keep running at a high level for many years. Many national brands have locations in Baltimore; among these industry stalwarts are Valvoline, Midas, and Firestone. Main menu Open search menu.

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